Hi, I'm Paige!

I’m your typical 20-something currently residing in Richmond, Virginia (affectionately known as RVA or the 804).


I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, and moved to Richmond for college in 2013. After graduating with my bachelors in Fashion Merchandising from VCU, I stayed once I realized how much Richmond felt like home. 


Art has always been my go-to. It can be anything to anyone, and that idea has inspired me a lot over the years. What I can’t articulate with words, I can express with my art. 


When I’m not meeting deadlines or creating self-imposed deadlines (hello entrepreneur life), you can find me re-watching episodes of Martin, reading a book I bought months ago (because who doesn’t buy books before finishing the other 10 books that have been staring at them for weeks?!), or playing Animal Crossing (thanks quarantine!).